Eurovision News Podcast

The Eurovision News Podcast provides unique perspectives on the process and the challenges in delivering trustworthy and reliable news around the world. Subjects discussed include the struggle to evacuate endangered journalists from Afghanistan and the increasing threats to media freedom and safety.

The series is led by Emilio San Pedro, Senior Editor of the Eurovision News Exchange, a network of public service newsrooms operating in over 50 countries and providing tens of thousands of news stories each year. 

Episodes available on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and podbean.


Eurovision Sport Radio Podcast

Join us as we go behind the scenes of some the most successful sports broadcasters in Europe. Meet the commentators who travel the world, covering the biggest events in the sporting calendar. We delve into questions like and explore the technical and personal challenges they face with life on the road? Meet the social media gurus who are turning radio coverage into content for younger audiences. Listen in as we discuss sports rights issues, the future of radio and more on the Eurovision Sport Radio Podcast.

Available each month on: AnchorApple PodcastsSoundCloud, Spotify and Stitcher


MediaRoad SkillBytes

From our MediaRoad project, the EBU and BBC present a podcast about the transformation of the media technology environment and what it means in terms of professional journeys: jobs, skills, recruitment and training. Experts answer the question of what skills do technology professionals need to keep their media organizations relevant and competitive in the global market? These may be “hard skills” in IT-related technologies, “soft skills” like agility or transversality, as well as project-, change-, innovation- and people-management skills.

Available each month on: mediaroad.eu, AnchorApple PodcastsBreakerGoogle PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsRadioPublic and Spotify


Eurovision Song Contest

Go behind the scenes at the world’s biggest live music event, brought to you by the world’s largest alliance of public service media. Last year’s competition was hosted by Israeli EBU Member, KAN in Tel Aviv. Hear from some of the people who brought the show from the arena stage to homes all over the world; from floor managers to show producers; heads of delegation to commentators. If you want to know more about how the Eurovision Song Contest works this podcast is for you.  

Published in May and available on: Apple PodcastsCastBoxGoogle Podcasts, RadioPublicSpotifyStitcher, TuneIn and via RSS