DEI at the EBU

What we mean by ‘DEI’


Welcoming all people whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, or other human characteristics or social factors.


Actions to level the playing field by removing barriers to equal access and equal opportunities.


Proactive curation of a culture where everyone feels heard and respected, empowered to contribute, participate and succeed.

The EBU has an international, multiskilled workforce that provides for a rich company culture. We have made tremendous strides forwards in recent years but we should also acknowledge there is still work do be done to create a fully inclusive workplace. We are fully committed to investing the necessary time and resources to shift mindsets and to ensure the EBU offers a level playing field where everyone, whatever their background, participates, contributes and belongs.”
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Noel Curran
Director General, EBU

Our DEI ambitions

During the first phase of the EBU’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion programme, we took important steps towards transforming our organization, but there’s much more to do. By 2025, we aspire to achieve the following:

Organization-wide, full spectrum diversity

Where every employee feels welcome, valued and included whatever their gender, race or ethnicity, disability status, age or LGBTQI+ status, religious belief, socio-economic and neuro diversity and a range of human characteristics or background that make all of us unique.

An outstanding talent pool drawn from all demographics

We will enable staff to realize their full potential as we earn a reputation for DEI excellence, both internally and externally.

Strategies that empower all our people

To bring innovative ideas and solutions that best serve public service media, their audiences, and all our stakeholders.

Levelling the playing field

In the first phase of our DEI programme, our priorities are:

  • Gender equality between men and women
  • Race and ethnic diversity
  • People with disabilities (apparent and non-apparent)
  • Generational diversity (age)
  • LGBTQ+ diversity

These are top of mind as we take actions and implement initiatives, including:


We are mainstreaming representation and inclusion across the organization and open pathways at leadership level so that underrepresented groups can influence decision making

Employee Lifecycle

We are baking representation and inclusion into all recruitment, development and retention processes for our people.

Management will support this effort by leading inclusive conversations and practices ensuring everyone is conscious of the value the organization places in inclusion.

Playing fair

We are building on our commitments and initiatives to level the playing field, including monitoring and reporting on DEI metrics across the organization in areas such as pay parity. We will partner with external experts as needed, to support our benchmarking to international standards.

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The EBU will lead by example, implementing DEI best practices and policies across the organization.

Our DEI activities in-house will be reported transparently leaving no doubt about the EBU’s commitment to actionable inclusion.

We will report on our progress in diversity, equity and inclusion, sharing our progess internally with staff and externally with Members and other stakeholders.


To ensure we stay on track, our DEI activities will be overseen and guided by various experts.

DEI Advisory Group

Comprising DEI experts from public service, academia, business, civil society and media, this group’s role will be to challenge and advise the EBU in its DEI journey.

DEI Advocacy Groups

We will build partnerships with third party organizations focused on accelerating DEI, where they can add value to our representation and inclusion initiatives.

Corporate Initiatives at the EBU

  • Since 2020 we have been reviewing all our policies and process to eliminate bias alongside our twain concepts of equality of access and equality of opportunity.

  • We will establish targets to help us deliver on our inclusion goals.

  • Our staff are embarking on a DEI learning journey. To increase awareness around underrepresentation and to enable us to build a robust and sustained awareness and cultural transformation that will sustain our organization for future generations.

  • We are implementing the framework together with our Members to monitor who gets to be a panel speaker at all our member and industry events and ensuring expertise that reflects the societies we serve.

    • We will work with our business partners and suppliers to ensure awareness of our DEI values as part of our procurement work.

Find out how we are supporting our Members in reaching their DEI goals