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EBU Media supports Members with distinctive public service media content and guides them to reach out and connect with all audiences

This ranges from our 24/7 exchanges for news, music and children's programmes through to our Eurovision shows. We serve the community of content experts in EBU Members via strategic support, co-creation and exchanges, networking and best practice, and media partnerships.

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Co-creation and Exchanges

 News Exchange

We ensure your newsroom always has access to a rich diversity of news items - around 120 every day - provided by trustworthy, reliable sources. Moreover, we clear eyewitness media to provide our Members with a rich source of news and sports news footage from around the world.

News Exchange

Sports News Exchange

 Music Exchange

With around 3,000 concerts by both leading and emerging artists shared every year, this is the world's largest offer of live music. Covering all genres from classical and opera to folk, jazz, world, rock, pop and dance, we provide access to prestigious concerts and performances from venues across the globe to enrich the diversity and quality of broadcasters' music offer. 

MUS platform


Our Members are working together to produce content aimed at young audiences and families which helps demonstrate the rich cultural diversity offered by PSM. The EBU Content Fund has been developed to assist this. The Eurovision Live Events offer Members over 13 hours of exciting live programming bringing broadcasters together and connecting audiences across the globe.


Eurovision Live Events


Groups and events

Connect with other Members and media experts through our:

Major Industry Events

Eurosonic festival
NewsXchange conference

Member Creative Events

Creative Forum
Digital Media Days
New Radio Day

Member Groups and Executive Events

Media Steering Group
Experts Groups

Upcoming events

22 OCTOBER 2020
Notturno Online Meeting

Notturno Online Meeting

During this second online session in 2020, participating countries in the Notturno night-time programme will assess the current challenging situation in terms of live recording content, explore new editorial possibilities and compile the best collective ideas on logistical and structural output. Chaired by Alina Velea (Romania) with the active participation of the BBC Notturno Editorial Team.

23 OCTOBER 2020
Cultural Forum: Online

Cultural Forum: Online

The Potsdam Summit, organized by the EBU Culture Group, is normally held in the context of Prix Europa. This year, on account of the pandemic, we will host the debate online.

Strategic support and funding

We support our Members in identifying and understanding some of the key strategic challenges for PSM content today, such as digital transformation, fighting fake news, connecting with all audiences or investing in latest trends in content development. In order to do this, we produce workshops, benchmarking, consultations and recommendations about topics predefined together with our Members. Outcomes of these exercises can often be found on our publications.


Media Funds

The aim of the Media Funds is to nurture and support Members to explore innovation projects and content collaborations that would benefit their organizations and the EBU community at large.

  Content Fund

  Media Innovation Fund

Media Partnerships

We are dedicated to building and supporting media partnerships that help strengthen Members and advocate the value of PSM content. See who we're currently partnering with:

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