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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are intrinsic public service values.

Why does it matter?

Public service media’s founding purpose is to serve all members of society, including the most marginalized.

This means the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a moral and strategic imperative for the EBU and its Members—it’s embedded in our core values and mission.

Not only is it morally right to mainstream DEI in our behaviours, policies, and outputs, but it also makes sense from a business perspective.

Research consistently shows that diverse, equitable, inclusive workplaces are more creative, productive, and happier.

What are we doing about it?

Since 2020, we have implemented numerous DEI commitments and policies, established a DEI Steering Group, and created a DEI Officer role with the authority and means to deliver.

Scroll down to read more about these steps, explore our DEI communities, events, and knowledge sharing platforms, and learn about our Members’ efforts to improve their own DEI performance both organizationally and through their content.

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Creating communities is what we do best. Find information about our related group and benefit from the support and knowledge sharing of your peers. We also offer expert groups that cover specific areas of DEI. Members can follow our activities to access events, related presentations and direct conversations with peers on these specific topics.

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This casebook showcases best practice from dozens of EBU Members and Associates across the world. You will see how applying these strategies not only create a better, more productive working environment, but also helps media reach, represent and resonate with all audiences.

This casebook would not have been possible without the contribution of EBU Members already on this journey, all of whom have been generous enough to share their experiences to empower others. We hope it will help drive your efforts, and look forward to supporting and strengthening DEI policies across the EBU community both on screen and in the workplace.


By Delphine Ernotte Cunci

EBU President, and CEO of France Télévisions


By Stefan Eiriksson

Chair of EBU DEI Steering Group, and RUV Director General

Sift through 40+ case studies from across the EBU Membership.