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Advancing Diversity in the European Audiovisual Sector

04 March 2024
Advancing Diversity in the European Audiovisual Sector

On 2 February 2024, the third roundtable on promoting diversity in the audiovisual sector explored how diversity is represented on screens.

Speakers from different fields and expertise came together to discuss the multiple dimensions of diversity in storytelling and representation. The conversation, moderated by Dearbhal Murphy, Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation of Actors, featured speeches by:

  • Jenifer de la Rosa, filmmaker and screenwriter, CIMA, Spain
  • Flavia Fazenda, Equity UK
  • Lars Damgaard Nielsen, CEO, and co-founder of MediaCatch, Denmark

The speakers engaged in a stimulating dialogue, exploring topics such as

  • the scope of diversity in storytelling,
  • various approaches to defining and monitoring diversity on screen,
  • and the role of intersectionality in promoting more inclusive narratives.

The event, which welcomed participants from across Europe, provided a platform for robust discussions and insights aimed at driving meaningful change in the audiovisual sector.

Watch the full roundtable

This roundtable continued the debate from the two previous events on the fundamental concepts of diversity and inclusion, and intersectionality. As part of an ongoing initiative, this roundtable marks the third of a series of four events organised within the framework of the project.

Learn more about the previous roundtable events on the project website.

This event was organised in the context of a project co-funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the social partners in the European audiovisual sector: European Broadcasting Union (EBU), European Audiovisual Production association (CEPI), International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF); Association of European Radios (AER); Association of Commercial Television and Video on Demand Services in Europe (ACT), European Federation of Journalists (EFJ); International Federation of Actors (FIA), International Federation of Musicians (FIM), and Media, Entertainment & Arts sector of UNI Europa (EURO-MEI).


This project is co-financed by the European Union

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Isabelle Dochy

EU Policy Advisor