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ACE Bureau 
The Bureau is the representative body of the Assembly of Contact Engineers (ACE). The ACE is an EBU Experts Group that represents the community of technical-operational engineers of the EBU Members operating...
Access Services Experts 
The EBU Access Services Experts Group brings together responsibles for Access services such as subtitling, signed programs, audio description and audio subtitling which enable sensory handicapped people to access the public broadcasters all over Europe.
Big Data Initiative Steering Group 
The EBU Big Data Initiative Steering Group defines the Big data Initiative strategy and priorities in order to support EBU Members' data usage and data-driven strategies.
Communications Directors Group 
The Communications Directors group brings together senior communications professionals from Member organizations.
Copyright Group 
The Copyright Group examines legal, policy, regulatory and strategic issues related to national, European and international copyright law and practices, as well as other issues of intellectual property...
Digital Steering Committee 
The EBU Digital Steering Committee contributes to guiding and driving the shift to digital in EBU Members. The Committee was installed in 2015 to create a bigger footprint across genres and platforms....
Digital Storytelling Labs 
EBU's Digital Storytelling Labs members work together to foster creativity and innovation in the fields of interactive and digital storytelling. Members exchange collaborative solutions, knowledge and...
EBU Academy Committee 
The EBU Academy Committee is an elected body representing the training and development activities of the EBU’s Membership. The current committee was elected during the last EBU Academy Assembly and serves a 2-year term.
EBU Connect Steering Group 
The EBU Connect Steering Group jointly decide upon the structure and content of the upcoming EBU Connect conference which takes place once a year in spring. They also organize jointly all sessions throughout...
EBU Folk and Traditional Music Group 
The EBU Folk and Traditional Music Group works to enhance collaboration and exchanges among radio organizations in these specific musical genres. The role of the Group is to: assist in the exchange of...