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With around 3,000 concerts by both leading and emerging artists shared every year, this is the world’s largest offer of live music. Covering all genres from classical and opera to folk, jazz, world, rock, pop and dance, we provide access to prestigious concerts and performances from venues across the globe to enrich the diversity and quality of your music offer.

Members request around 20,000 programmes from the Music Exchange every year, making it a cost-effective way of sharing the world’s best music with your audiences. Performances range from the BBC Proms and the New York Metropolitan Opera to Coldplay and Radiohead. We also organize several major music events and festivals every year, in conjunction with our Members, including Eurosonic and the Euroradio Folk Festival.


The Euroradio Music Exchange is a proud partner of Keychange, an international gender equality campaign which invests in emerging talent whilst encouraging music organisations to sign up to a gender balance pledge.


Latest news

16 MAY 2023
3 questions to trombonist and conductor Jievaras Jasinskis

3 questions to trombonist and conductor Jievaras Jasinskis

The 2023 edition of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra will gather together 18 young musicians from all over...

16 MAY 2023
3 questions to singer-songwriter Angélique Kidjo

3 questions to singer-songwriter Angélique Kidjo

Beninese singer and songwriter Angélique Kidjo is impossible to miss – she is an absolute global star...

17 APRIL 2023
3 questions to conductor Kirill Karabits

3 questions to conductor Kirill Karabits

The Horowitz Competition is being held in Geneva this year, under the support and assistance of the World...

Special Programmes and Offers

Euroradio Jazz Orchestra

Euroradio Jazz Orchestra

Every year, the EBU Jazz Producers put together a European jazz big band under the name of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra (EJO), a project that can trace its roots back to 1965. Each EBU Member may send one musician under age 30 to perform in public with the EJO, with two Euroradio Public Jazz Concerts organized by the host broadcaster. At least one concert is always recorded by the EBU host broadcaster, who is responsible for the rehearsals as well as its logistical and promotional planning.

The EJO's next edition will take place on 21-28 May 2023 in Vilnius, at the kind invitation of LRT. The Orchestra will be led by Conductor, Composer and Trombonist Jievaras Jasinskis, co-leader of Vilnius JJAZZ Ensemble. Concerts will be held on 26 May in the Kaunas Philharmonic Hall and on 27 May at the Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival, the latter being broadcast and offered live to EBU radio organizations. The offer is available in MUS under reference JM/2023/02/03/01.

Read our 3 questions to Jievaras Jasinskis, where you'll also find his favourite track's playlist.


Martin Declercq Radio France Lead trumpet
Maj Kavsek RTVS Slovenia Trumpet
Janos Löber DKU Trumpet
Reinis Purins Latvian Radio Trumpet
Axel Mardsjo Swedish Radio Alto sax 1
Pavel Barabashchuk UA:PBC Alto sax 2
Emma Rawicz BBC Tenor sax 1
Joël Metz MSP Luxembourg Tenor sax 2
Karolis Sarkus LRT Baritone sax
Agnes Darelid Swedish Radio Trombone 1
Carlotta Armbruster WDR Trombone 2
Guro Kvale NRK Trombone 3
Christina Lachberger ORF Bass trombone
Krystof Tomecek Czech Radio Acoustic/Electric guitar
Oskari Siirtola Yle Double/Electric bass
Rahel Talts ERR Acoustic/Electric piano
Zacchary Leblond Radio France Percussion
Bruna Matic HRT Drums


2023 Euroradio Jazz Orchestra – Overview
2023 Euroradio Jazz Orchestra – Lineup
Euroradio Jazz Orchestra – Regulations

Sound Engineers Scheme

Sound Engineers Scheme

Radio is all about sound: our goal is to achieve flawless audio in the 2,800-plus concerts exchanged each year over the Music Exchange.

EBU radio organizations’ music initiatives to support Ukraine

EBU radio organizations’ music initiatives to support Ukraine

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, the EBU music community is organizing special activities to support Ukraine, sharing them with all the radio organizations.

Music and Radio 60-Minute Sessions

Watch our series of online sessions aimed at the EBU Music community. We discuss radio and music challenges related to live-recorded music and radio production.

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Groups and Meetings

We have expert groups, communities and specialized meetings on subjects ranging across the musical genres. Find the right one for you:


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Music Plenary Meeting
Plenary Meeting for core activities related to EBU music and radio
Ars Acustica Plenary Meeting
Yearly meeting of Ars Acustica experts
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