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Sustainability and EBU media orchestras

At the initiative of the management and musicians of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, EBU Music has recently ranked the urgent need to recognize environmental sustainability issues much higher on its priority list, together with EBU orchestras across Europe and beyond. We have envisaged a number of ways in which we could inspire the EBU orchestra community to engage with new initiatives as quickly as possible, for example the creation of a network of individuals in charge of reducing orchestras’ environmental impacts, the recent launch of the “Sustainability and EBU orchestras survey”, as well as this session, in which we’ll hear from strong believers in this project.

Creative promotion of sustainable practices and sharing knowledge in this area is key for a greener future.


Kathryn Aldersea


Tours Manager, BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC (United Kingdom)

Mickaël Godard

Administrator, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Radio France (France)

Dash Nesbitt

Violist; Sustainability representative, Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, hr (Germany)

Diana Palm

Sustainability Manager, ROC (Germany)

Neil Varley

Producer, BBC Concert Orchestra, BBC (United Kingdom)