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Content collaborations for public service media

We provide an attractive range of TV co-production services that help EBU Members acquire and produce top rated content. By pooling national resources on a European level, we help our Members access high-quality shows and programmes in an increasingly competitive environment.

Public media produce some of the most inclusive, entertaining and original content and spend over EUR 6 billion every year supporting independent production. With more and more pressure to the supply chain from global platforms, we strive to make sure that public service broadcasters thrive in today's content market.

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Content Exchange

Public service media organizations across Europe hold rich catalogues of high-quality programmes that reflect public service values. The Eurovision TV Programme Exchange identifies and offers content which can be exchanged on a non-commercial basis to enrich the programme slates of other Members.

To find out how to participate, visit the Eurovision TV Programme Exchange page.


We facilitate Members’ collaboration on editorially-distributed co-productions, ranging from the Eurovision Song Contest to natural history, new music and children’s formats. Eurovision co-productions share an element of editorial collaboration, with each participant providing creative input from their territory, resulting in impactful and diverse programme-making.

To find out how to offer and participate in co-production, visit the Eurovision Coproductions page.


Collective pre-buy

Our Members can leverage the collective buying-power of the public-service broadcasting network by creating pooled bids on high-end media properties, ranging from the multi-year rights deal with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to major European drama series.

To find out how to participate, visit the EBU Pre-Buy Network page.


Informal, ad-hoc co-production among Members can become more efficient and impactful through the creation of formalized co-production alliances and networks among groups wishing to collaborate on a long-term basis. The EBU supports Members in the development of reciprocal co-production frameworks.

Find out how to take part in our TV Alliances User Guide.