TV Collective Pre-Buy Network

A collective pre-buy is a multi-party transaction via which a number of EBU members pool financial resources in order to acquire broadcasting rights to content while it is in development, pre-production or an early stage of production.

Opportunities to offer and bid on collective pre-buy of high-end TV properties are currently offered on a bi-annual cycle.

During an open call for projects, a collective pre-buy can be initiated by an EBU Member holding an interest in a project, such as an acquisitions executive who is in early stage negotiations with a producer regarding a specific project, or a commissioner having green-lit a project for development and seeking to close a financing gap.

EBU Member organizations who pitch series to the Pre-Buy Network are asked to provide as much information as possible to maximise the chances of favourable consideration.

Basic information is required for all projects (see User Guide for more details). This information is circulated across the full EBU network, and marks of interest are collected by the EBU during a fixed window.

Following the end of the window, broadcasters having expressed interest join a meeting with the Lead Broadcaster and other interested broadcasters to formulate their collective acquisition, coordinated by the EBU and submitted to the Rights Holder by Lead Broadcaster.


  • Call for Proposals 18 September – 13 October
  • Window to Submit Marks of Interest: 30 October – 4 December
  • Pre-Buy Coordination Meeting: 7 December