Our success is the result of the commitment, know-how, creativity and professionalism of our employees.

Working at the EBU

Our accomplished, engaging and international staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cover an impressive range of professions both in and outside of the broadcasting realm.

We are always on the lookout for new talent who bring added value to our organization. You can search for open positions via our EBU Recruitment Portal or check out our Careers page on LinkedIn.

For more info on working at the EBU, contact our Human Resources team. You can also submit an unsolicited CV and cover letter through the Unsolicited Applications section of the recruitment portal.

Watch the playlist below to get a first-hand account from staff on what it's like working at the EBU.

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14th Human Resources Assembly
02 - 03 Jun 2016
Lisbon, Portugal


EBU Staff Values
We, the employees and managers of EBU, live by shared values anchored in the present, fit for the future.