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EBU achieves significant equal pay certification

06 June 2024
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The EBU has achieved a significant milestone in workplace equality, following a rigorous compliance review based on the Fair-ON-Pay standard.

Conducted by Comp-On AG, the leading experts in pay equality, the review analyzed the salary data of 206 employees from September 2023. The results of the statistical analysis revealed the EBU’s gender pay gap to be below the critical threshold of 5%, as stipulated by the Fair-ON-Pay standard.

The award has been officially recognized by SGS, an independent quality auditor, which granted the prestigious Fair-ON-Pay certificate. The certification not only marks the EBU as a fair employer but also highlights an ongoing commitment to sustainable equal pay practices, true to the EBU’s core values of respect and recognition for all employees.

Understanding Fair-ON-Pay Certification

Fair-ON-Pay certification audits companies' adherence to equal pay standards, using the Logib analysis methodology, endorsed by the Equal Pay International Coalition as a best practice. The certification is valid for four years and includes a maintenance audit to ensure continued compliance with the equal pay standard.

Criteria for Fair-ON-Pay Certification

The Fair-ON-Pay standard mandates compliance with several critical requirements:

Statistical Specifications: These include a minimum number of employees, representation of both genders, a tolerance threshold for wage differences, and a minimum quality of the regression analysis.

Transparent Processes: Companies must transparently prepare and process pay analyses to meet the certification standards.

Commenting on the award, Melanie Brown Cocchetti, Director of Human Resources, EBU, said, “Achieving the Fair-ON-Pay certification is a recognition of our efforts to ensure equal pay for all our employees and a powerful example for other organizations in our sector. We strongly believe that equal pay is not just a legal requirement but a fundamental principle of respect and equality, values that are strongly supported by the EBU. Moreover, this certification aligns us with the broader movement towards closing the gender pay gap globally.”

The EBU was the first organization in the public service media sector to be granted EQUAL-SALARY certification, which was awarded by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation in 2020.

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