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EBU announces future development areas for Eurovision Song Contest following independent review into 2024 event

01 July 2024
EBU announces future development areas for Eurovision Song Contest following independent review into 2024 event

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) reached over 160 million people across 37 public service media markets and hundreds of millions engaged with content on our digital channels featuring the exceptional participating artists. The event now has a huge global reach as it approaches its 70th anniversary next year. 

We are aware that with running an event of global scale and interest there are a number of challenges. In May, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced an independent review into the ESC 2024 in Malmö. 

The independent review, led by an independent industry expert, gathered extensive feedback about this year’s event from a broad range of ESC stakeholders, including Heads of Delegation, members of the ESC Reference Group (RG), the Contest’s governing board, as well as the EBU/ESC core team. 

Today, the EBU is announcing the conclusion of the independent review and the focus identified from the review. Following from the review, the EBU has identified three thematic areas to address the recommendations in the coming months to strengthen and protect next year’s ESC and all future events to ensure they continue to unite audiences. These are: EBU Governance and Participation; Safety and Risk Management; Audience Engagement, Fans and Media.

Actions already taken

To ensure we do not lose momentum, a taskforce of senior leaders across the EBU and its Membership has been appointed to oversee decision making and implementation of changes in the above areas in the coming months.

The independent review also found that there was a need to bolster the leadership team of the ESC to ensure operational bandwidth to manage an event of this scale. We have created a new role of ESC Director, which will report to the EBU Deputy Director General and Media Director. This will streamline the Executive Supervisor’s responsibilities to focus on ESC production, Heads of Delegations and Member relationship building, and day-to-day production issues. The ESC Director will oversee the work of the existing Executive Supervisor and a new role entitled Head of ESC Brand and Commercial. 

After only six weeks since the 2024 ESC, we are pleased to have taken these decisions swiftly to strengthen and sustain the event for the future.

We are committed to ensuring that the ESC continues to go from strength to strength and that all stakeholders, not least participating broadcasters and the millions who enjoy the event, can be reassured of our best intentions to maintain the success of this event that brings so much joy to millions around the world. 

Thematic development areas:

EBU Governance and Participation
This area will look at: clarifying the decision-making responsibilities of the various EBU Governing Bodies as it relates to the accepted list of participants, ensuring a wide range of Member opinions are heard; the remit of the governing bodies, and the responsibilities of the ESC Core Team; and the role of the Heads of Delegations and responsibilities of Participating Artists. 

Safety and Risk Management
This area will look at: improving understanding of the ESC rules across all stakeholder groups, including artists, with a focus on simplification, consolidation and improved accessibility; strengthening the existing ESC Crisis Management Protocols; and bolstering our security and cybersecurity provisions in light of increased needs. 

Ensuring a general-audience show and broad engagement
This area will look at: increased collaboration with fan groups, influencers, and media to build broader engagement based on ESC values; and ensure that the ESC continues to be an all-audience show appealing to a broad prime-time audience of all ages.

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Michelle Roverelli

Director of Member Relations and Communications