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Young audiences

Engaging tomorrow’s audiences means connecting with young people today.

Why does it matter?

Today’s children will be the audiences upon whose engagement public service media will depend in the future.

It’s therefore vital that PSM develop quality, cherished content and services that can continue to appeal as children grow up.

Crafting compelling stories and relatable characters that light a spark in young imaginations is at the core of the PSM remit to inform, educate, and entertain everyone.


What are we doing about it?

The EBU facilitates peer groups, forums, and platforms for exchanging content, experiences, and ideas with the power to win young hearts and minds.

We help Members understand what works with youth audiences by curating and sharing best practices and identifying the key ingredients to success.

Projects include the #SayHi initiative, strategic workshops, surveys and reports to help our PSM stay distinct, and a database of successful programming case studies. 

See below for more details on how the EBU is helping Members connect with young audiences.


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We believe the best way to understand how to reach young audiences is through concrete examples from our Members. In our Young Audiences Casebook, you'll find kids and youth content case studies spanning 7 genres from EBU Members and Associates. Learn about some of their best programmes and how they have implemented their content and distribution strategy, as well as insights on their communications and marketing.

If you wish to include your success stories in this casebook, please get in touch with us.