Pre-school Item Exchange

The Pre-school Exchange shares programmes for pre-school magazines from the whole world. Educating, teaching, entertaining…

Producing TV magazines for very young children is a job in its own right:

  • To be visible means that you exist;
  • To be asked for means that you are important;
  • To be given a place in the media shows that you have a place in society.

It is an occasion to enrich your programmes with input, ideas and savoir-faire from other countries and other cultures. Programmes/items are offered for free to participants on an ‘offer one-take all’ principle. To have the right to take part you only need to offer some of your own programmes/items.





Co-production or content offer

Target age
3-7 year-olds

National languages with English script International version delivered

Screening and broadcast material is available on the exchange platform together with all supporting elements

Participating Broadcasters


Karen Simha
Senior Project Manager
+41 22 717 2885