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Radio and audio

People trust radio more than any other information source, but listening has changed. On-demand services like podcasts have breathed new life into the oldest broadcast medium.

Why does it matter?

Public service radio is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy that people consistently cite as the most trusted source of news and information.

Radio reaches further as it stimulates balanced discourse, equips people to form sound opinions, and gives a voice to the underrepresented.

However, listening behaviours have changed, with on-demand music streaming and podcasts fast gaining ground.


What are we doing about it?

Understanding how audiences consume audio is important for public service media to provide engaging listening that can compete in the market.

From radio governance to content creation and distribution, the EBU helps its Members shape radio and advocacy strategies, while embracing new technologies and trends.

Below, we provide numerous resources, information, and insights to help PSM stay out front in audio.


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