Radio Committee

The Radio Committee, answerable to the Radio Assembly and the General Assembly, is the principal policy-making body in the audio sector.

It works in the interests of all Radio Members by:

  • Deciding upon strategic priorities for the Radio sector with the principal aim of involving more Members in producing, sharing and distributing distinctive and succesful content
  • Supporting Members in innovation, transformation and in crisis
  • Supporting Members, and providing them with the necessary assistance, in developing strategies in response to European developments in radio
  • Monitoring and benchmarking systematically the scope and efficiency of activities carried in by the Radio sector
  • Setting up and supervising Expert and Project Groups, steering work in progress as necessary
  • In collaboration with other Committees, identifying key messages of the Radio sector, organizing public radio events and reflecting and enhancing the profile of radio activities
  • Actively encouraging the prosperity of the radio programme exchange and other linear and non-linear content related radio activities
  • Formulating common positions, where possible, among all radio Members and working jointly with television and multimedia partners
  • Managing the allocation of the Radio Innovation Fund

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Radio Committee Workspace

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Group Members


Graham Ellis (BBC)


Philippa De Roten (SSR SRG)
Rene Zavoral (CR)


Andrea Borgnino (RAI)
Gabriel Byström (Sveriges Radio)
Elene Gabashvili (GPB)
Frédéric Gérand (RTBF)
Pawel Kwieciński (Polskie Radio)
Miha Lampreht (RTVSLO)
Michael Reichert (BR)
Javier Sánchez (RNE)
Dan Santa (ROR)

Contact detail

Caroline Sellier
Executive Assistant
+41 22 717 26 05