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The Radio Committee is dedicated to advancing and representing the interests of radio within the EBU membership, which includes organizations that are focused only on radio and those offering both radio and television services. The Committee is also supporting the representation of the EBU Radio membership at the wider European level, advocating for the prominence, trust, and value of public service radio broadcasters and radio in general. The committee formulates strategic priorities for the radio sector, overseeing working groups that provide spaces for Members to exchange on key topics such as distribution, content, reach and format innovation.

Answering to both the Radio Assembly and the General Assembly, the committee recommends objectives for the EBU Radio Unit and oversees its activities. The committee promotes collaboration between Members and manages the allocation of the Radio Innovation Fund.

The committee’s 14 members are elected to serve a two-year term. The election for the 2023-2025 Radio Committee took place during the 29th Radio Assembly.

Committee documents

  • Terms of Reference: Radio Assembly and Radio Committee Members Only
  • Sharing of Votes for Radio Groups Members Only
  • Guidelines for EBU Members on Representation & Inclusion on EBU Committees
  • Bye-laws relating to Elections and Voting Members Only

Committee members

Sibyle Veil


CEO, Radio France (France)

Philippa De Roten


Director Society and Culture, SRG SSR (Switzerland)

Graham Ellis


Controller, BBC Audio, BBC (United Kingdom)

Mirko Štular


Director of Radio, RTVSLO (Slovenia )

Andrea Borgnino

Head of RaiPlaySound, RAI (Italy)

Eliana Čandrlić Glibota

Editor-In-Chief of Croatian Radio, HRT (Croatia)

Iryna Korniienko

Executive Producer, UA:PBC (Ukraine)

Maria Kozakou

Head of Radio 2, ERT (Greece)

Giedrius Masalskis

Head of Radio, LRT (Lithuania)

Milen Mitev

Director General, BNR (Bulgaria)

Michael Reichert

Coordinator of Digital Radio, ARD/BR (Germany)

Dan Santa

Director International Relations, Radio Romania (Romania)

Sofia Taavitsainen

Public Policy Advisor, SR (Sweden)

René Zavoral

Director General, CR (Czechia)

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