From classical and opera to rock, pop, folk and jazz, live music plays a role in everyday programming of public service broadcasting. Join our community of passionate music professionals who are dedicated to enriching public audiences.

Live music at its highest level and reaching the widest audience: that’s what we’re aiming for.

In 2022, music accounted for 50% of public service media radio programming and was the main reason why people tuned in to radio. EBU Music plays a crucial role in helping national public broadcasters deliver the best international live music content to audiences. It brings together passionate music professionals not only to run our popular Euroradio Music Exchange but also to help EBU radio organizations tackle everything from sharing music content across platforms, to recording opera for radio broadcast, to sustainability at music festivals.

Music is also important for the public service schedule on television channels, where our network also looks at trends, best practice and collaborative opportunities for on-screen music. The EBU’s agreement with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra ensures access to the orchestra’s world-famous annual New Year’s Concert from Vienna, which is broadcast globally.

2023 Music Unit Annual Report
2022 Music Unit Annual Report
2022-2023 Music Unit Workplan


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