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Petr Hornik

The Media Ensemble Group is made up of volunteer Member representatives forming a core group of orchestra managers who are extremely active in their support of EBU media orchestra activities. This small group of six people works for the wider Media Ensemble community, which extends to all ensembles from EBU organizations, whatever their format.

The priorities for the Group, set together with the EBU Music Unit, are to make the case for public service media ensembles’ contribution to the wider music sector; to reflect on and discuss the role and significance of what it means to be a “media ensemble” in today’s world, including technological advances and digitization; to increase interaction and foster collaboration between ensembles and parent radio organizations; to focus on diversity and inclusivity in all activities; to conduct data collection initiatives benefitting the whole community, enriching common knowledge about this unique network of EBU ensembles.


EBU Media Ensemble Group - Survey report n°1
EBU Media Ensemble Survey 2023 - complete report


Group members

Kim Bohr

Chief Executive DR Koncerthuset, Ensembles and P2, DR (Denmark)

Annette Josef

Head of MDR Klassik, MDR (Germany)

Michael Orier

Director, Music and Creation Department, Radio France (France)

Dominic Parker

Director, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, BBC (United Kingdom)

Ulrich Pluta

Head of Artistic Planning, Munich Radio Orchestra, BR (Germany)

Anselm Rose

Chief Executive Officer, Rundfunk Orchester und Chöre Berlin (Germany)

Community events

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