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OB van from Saarländischer Rundfunk, SR

This community consists of sound engineers working in radio with a background in classical music who aim to help each other to develop their approaches to live concert recording.

Their main activity is the Concert Evaluation Initiative, a project designed to improve the quality of concert recordings and with this the overall calibre of EBU Music Exchange activities. The initiative involves periodic assessment of batches of recent concert recordings by a group of sound engineers based on agreed criteria. A summary of their evaluations together with constructive feedback is then provided by the EBU to each Member organization.

They also collaborate with the EBU Classical Music Group on the Sound Engineers Scheme, a peer-to-peer knowledge-exchange programme through visits to another broadcaster.


Production Resources in Classical Music Recordings, report produced in March 2023 (updated May 2023)

Community lead

Huw Robinson

Operations Manager, Music, BBC Audio, BBC (United Kingdom)

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