Euroradio Notturno, launched in 1998, is a night-time broadcast, made up of three two-hour interchangeable modules, occasionally on given themes. The programming consists of EBU Member Selection’s concerts that are edited and produced by the BBC.

Notturno is now broadcast in 11 countries and can claim around one million listeners per night. No commercial CDs are used.


  • Provide participating Members with a distinctive selection of live concert recordings, thereby giving them a unique opportunity to complement and enhance their own classical music channels, especially in the face of growing international competition.
  • Allow each Radio Member to promote in-house music ensembles and its country’s national music, artists and festivals.
  • Help listeners to discover new artists from all over Europe.

Detailed deliverables/timelines

  • Detailed programme is published online up to two months in advance
  • Open for all Members and Associates to join


Pascale Labrie (EBU)

Participating Organizations

BNR (Bulgaria)
HRTR (Croatia)
ERT (Greece)
MTVA (Hungary)
PR (Poland)
ROR (Romania)
RTVS (Slovakia)
RTVS (Slovenia)
SR (Sweden) 
TRT (Türkiye)
BBC (United Kingdom)

Community events

Group meetings