Since its launch in 1998, Notturno has been one of our most popular broadcasts. Currently, this night time classical music programme is aired in 13 countries with more than a million listeners tuning in every night.

Notturno is made up of three 2-hour recorded modules, some focussing on a special theme. The music comes from EBU radio organizations, whether or not they are participating Notturno members, and spans an attractive repertory encompassing the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, and well beyond.

The programme is produced by the BBC Notturno team and relayed via the Euroradio Live over IP Network and mixed with local, pre-recorded announcements. No commercial CDs are used, and the rights for the offers are cleared in advance.


Pascale Labrie
Head of Music
+41 79 704 38 18

Participating Broadcasters

Notturno provides participating Members with a unique opportunity to complement and enhance their own classical music channels, carefully selected to showcase the best of live music in Europe.

It allows each EBU Member to promote radio music ensembles and its country’s national music, artists and festivals, while also helping listeners discover celebrated personalities and young talent from all over Europe.