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Euroradio Contact Engineers

The Euroradio Contact Engineers support the EBU and its radio organizations' productions (programme makers, international relations teams, etc.) to achieve the highest possible technical quality for any Euroradio network exchanges. It is a group of technical experts in the fields of audio transmissions systems, hardware and sound.

They take account of technical evolutions and propose improvements to the EBU, while liaising closely with all EBU radio organizations. They know the production chain from concert hall to the final destination and prevent and solve problems.

Expert Community lead

Huw Robinson


Operations Manager, Music, BBC Audio, BBC (United Kingdom)

Pavel Balíček


Head of Signal Distribution, Czech Radio (Czechia)

Carsten Gertzen


Head of Contribution & Playout-Center, ARDSternpunkt, ARD (Germany)

Martin Lonicer


Radio News Producer, EBU

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