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The Radio Sport group is an active community of radio broadcasters covering sport.

The group meets twice a year to discuss coverage of sports events, including radio sports rights agreements.

The Members share knowledge and expertise continuously, and cooperation between Members at sports events is actively encouraged. The group also takes a keen interest in technological developments, from AoIP to innovative social media platforms. And it drafts policies which enhance and protect Member’s interests.

Radio News and Sport liaise with Eurovision Sport, coordinates requests for technical assistance with host organizations, and intervenes with rights-holders and the organizers of sports events to obtain radio access on the best financial terms.

Once a year, the Radio Sports Plenary brings together the Members’ sport executives. During two days, strategy,  rights acquisition and upcoming major events are discussed. And Members get to learn about the most recent technological developments in interactive workshops.

The group is composed of a chair, 2 vice-chairs and 8 experts, all elected by the Radio Sports Plenary Meeting or nominated by the Radio Committee for a renewable 2-year term of office.

The Group's Chair and Secretary attend the Sport Assembly and Sport Committee meetings on major events.


Listen to the Eurovision Sport Radio Podcast.

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Radio Sport Group Workspace

Group members


David Naert (VRT)

Vice Chairs

Barbora Dvorakova (CR)
Graham McMillan (BBC)


Lars Brondum-Veller (DR)
Ilaria Di Luzio (RAI)
Cezary Gurjew (PR)
Lovorko Magdic (HR)
Gary Moran (RTE)
Bostjan Rebersak (RTVS)
Tobias Rosvall (SR)
Karim Oudjane (SRF)
Marcus Tepper (ARD-WDR)

Community events

Group meetings