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Audio Storytelling Group

From factual to fiction, documentary to drama, the EBU Audio Storytelling Group focuses on the craft of storytelling. Through workshops and exchanges, and especially at its annual Audio Storytelling Festival, the group keeps track of developments in audio storytelling, including the latest trends in genres and formats.

Group activities provide opportunities to share knowledge around radio and other audio formats, discussing how storytelling translates between different contexts, including for audiences listening via online devices and platforms. The focus is on content, creating space for in-depth conversations and shared experiences among the audio makers themselves.

The Audio Storytelling Festival brings together radio and audio content makers and producers from around the world for joint listening sessions and deep-dive workshops focused on the best content of the past year.

Audio Storytelling Group Workspace

Group Members


Liam O’Brien (RTÉ)


Silvia Lahner (ORF)


Georgia Catt (BBC)
Daria Corrias (RAI)
Willem Davids (independent)
Daniel Kupšovský (CR)
Ylva Lindgren (SR)
Vaida Pilibaitytė (LRT)
Leslie Rosin (ARD-WDR) / Till Ottlitz (ARD-BR)
Kjetil Saugestad (NRK)
Agnieszka Czyżewska-Jacquemet (PR)
Thorgerdur E. Sigurdardottir (RÚV)

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