Kids' Drama Series

The Children’s Drama Exchange shares high-quality, original dramas for an audience aged 6 to 9.

The stories feature 8 to 9-year-old children from all social backgrounds who play an active role in their own and others’ lives.

With a minimum of dialogue, the story is told through strong emotions that the young audience can empathize with, and a chain of actions and reactions.

The series is produced following a special theme whose aim is to link the films together. The common "Tell me a Secret" theme and branding gives the series a unique narrative and visual identity.

For more than 20 years, the series has been based on the principle of ‘make one, take all’, where each broadcaster produces one episode and receives the others for free.

The only other cost a participating country has to bear (apart from the production ones) is a contribution to a central budget covering the executive producer's and a part of the EBU’s coordination costs.

Programmes in distribution

The series from previous years are available for sale. Please contact  Karen Simha for further information.

Participation Schedule (2022)


Deadline to confirm participation
Selection of a national Director / Producer
Submission of 2 story proposals

Early April

Production Meeting with the Executive Producer


Final treatment available

May - September

Production and Post Production phases (scripting and filming)

October - February

Rough Cuts Meeting
Delivery of films to the EBU (screening + broadcast versions)

March - May 

Screenings and Exchange of films

Additional information on format

  • Theme as from 2019: "Tell me a secret"
  • Stories for Children aged 6 to 9
  • Protagonist should be between 8 and 11 years old
  • Character driven, action, adventure and fantasy
  • Max. 5’ narration, visually driven


10 years (as of 31 December of the production year) / exclusive, transferable and worldwide in any language.



Co-production or content offer

15’ Drama episodes. The number of programmes varies between 5 and 10 (or more)

National languages with English script International version delivered

Year of production

March - May 2023

Executive Producer
Beryl Richards (Strangford Pictures Ltd., UK)

Participating Broadcasters

Between EUR 5’000 and EUR 10’000 depending on the number of participants

Contact detail

Karen Simha
Senior Project Manager
+41 22 717 2885