TV Co-production User Guide

A ‘Eurovision Co-production’ is a particular form of programme-making collaboration in which a number of EBU members contribute editorial input and resources to the development and production of a broadcast property. The resource contribution may take the form of technical crew / footage and/or a financial contribution to a central budget. The EBU can support projects at development and production stages, using different tools. In exceptional cases, co-production formats may be offered financial support at the discretion of the EBU TV Committee

The Co-Production Network is one of three services offered by the TV team within the EBU Media Department to facilitate content collaborations among its members, in addition to the Collective Pre-Buy Network and the Eurovision TV Programmes Exchange. Separate user guides are available for these complementary services.

Eurovision Coproductions are, from 2022 onwards, organized in annual rounds, according to the timeline described below and in the Eurovision Co-Productions User Guide. In very exceptional circumstances, a co-production project may be considered for development outside of this timeline subject to the approval of the EBU TV Committee and the EBU permanent services.

Timeline Eurovision Coproductions 2022

  • Call & Co-Production development window: 31 May – 2 September
  • Editorial Board Selections: 6 – 29 September
  • Offer Distribution: 29 September
  • Pitches: 10 October
  • Registration: 29 September – 24 November
  • Confirmation: 29 November – 12 January 2023
  • Production: from January 2023

Examples of Eurovision Coproductions

Eurovision Coproduction 2023 Showreel

Take a look at the 2023 Eurovision Coproduction Showreel presented at the 2023 TV Assembly here.

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