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Formats Forum is a unique event offering EBU Members and organizations from other public broadcasting unions worldwide the opportunity to engage in dialogue about TV formats, organize co-productions and the sharing of studio facilities, and pool their creative potential.

The 2024 Formats Forum will take place in Oslo, Norway, on 18 September (12:30 – 17:30) and 19 September (9:30 – 15:00), at the kind invitation of NRK.  

This event aims to recognize and showcase the most innovative and engaging TV or digital formats developed and produced by EBU Members and Associates in the last twelve months and to foster collaboration between public-service broadcasters in the development and production of unscripted content. 

This year’s edition will be divided into 4 sessions, each focusing on a common topic or challenge in format development and production:

  • Success stories - outperforming formats: these are, simply put, your most successful & popular formats. We’re looking for formats that have exceeded expectations and demonstrated better performance in audience engagement, on digital and/or linear (e.g. formats that have successfully reached challenging target audiences).
  • Formats driven by public service media values: we will highlight successful formats that are aligned with values such as diversity, education, accessibility, sustainability, etc. These formats aim to educate, inform, and inspire but also entertain audiences while addressing important societal issues.
  • Formats demonstrating high completion rate on online players: we will focus on formats that have retained audiences throughout the season and achieved notable completion rates, especially on VOD.
  • Paper formats: this session will be dedicated to promising formats in the early stages of development that have the potential to become successful formats in the future. Co-development or co-production opportunities may be offered to other EBU members.

Each session will feature a showcase of formats from EBU Members, followed by a strategic round-table discussion on challenges and learnings, aiming to find practical solutions to these common challenges. 

EBU Members will also be given the opportunity to submit marks of interest in further collaboration on all formats presented. 

The event will take place in person and open to EBU Members only, although producers of selected formats may join remotely to present their format. There is no fee to join the event.

More information, including registration link and hotel recommendations, will be shared shortly. In the meantime, remember to save the date.

Call for submission

The call for submission is open from 22 April to 4 June 2024.  

Please read our Terms & Conditions to assess your eligibility to enter, and fill in this form to submit your formats.  


Previous editions

You can find details and materials from previous editions below.


  • Britain Get Singing ITV Studios - Paula Thomas Gallie & James Hirst, ITVMembers Only
  • How Sexism Shaped our Teenage Years (Cómo el machismo marcó nuestra adolescencia) - RTVE - Paloma Torrecillas & Juan Manuel Cuellar, RTVEMembers Only
  • We've Got to Walk (Waarom wachten) - VRT - Julian Curtis, Lineup IndustriesMembers Only
  • Fooled - NRK - Per Olav Alvestad, NRKMembers Only
  • The Yurt Celebrity Green Challenge (La Yourte) - RTBF - François Jadoulle, RTBFMembers Only
  • Sleep Tight (Sov Gott) SVT - Kristin Bleckberg & David Nilsson, SVTMembers Only
  • The New Vermeer (De Nieuwe Vermeer ) - NPO /OMROEP MAX - Tanja van der Goes, All Right MediaMembers Only
  • Camper (Kamper) - TVP - Aleksandra Kaźmieruk, TVPMembers Only
  • Worst Play Scenario - RTVE - Miguel Martín, ZeppelinMembers Only
  • A Night in the Museum (Een nacht in het museum) - VRT - Thomas Vanderveken, VRTMembers Only
  • Bubble Experiment (Dans la bulle de) - RTBF - François Jadoulle, RTBFMembers Only
  • Pious Pastries (Fromme Törtchen) - SRF - Pilu Lydlow, SRFMembers Only
  • Hurrah for Rai2! (Viva Rai2!) – Rai - Claudio Fasulo, RaiMembers Only
  • Pitch: The Lost Games - SVT - Helena Bäckman & Mia Alvernik, SVTMembers Only
  • Pitch: The Story of… - DR - Tanja van der Goes, All Right MediaMembers Only
  • Pitch: Factcheckers - VRT - Gino Conjaerts, VRTMembers Only
  • Pitch: Pushing Limits - NRK - Marit Aspen, Nordisk BanijayMembers Only
  • Pitch: The Detectives - SVT - Simon Romanus, Wonderworld VRMembers Only
  • Pitch: Aria NPO/OMROEP MAX - Tanja van der Goes, All Right MediaMembers Only
  • Pitch: The Golden Egg - VRT - Siobhan Crawford, Glow Media & Geert Willems, Free KingsMembers Only