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Formats Forum is a unique event offering EBU Members and organizations from other public broadcasting unions worldwide the opportunity to engage in dialogue about TV formats, organize co-productions and the sharing of studio facilities, and pool their creative potential.

Previous editions

You can find details and materials from previous editions below.


  • Britain Get Singing ITV Studios - Paula Thomas Gallie & James Hirst, ITV Members Only
  • How Sexism Shaped our Teenage Years (Cómo el machismo marcó nuestra adolescencia) - RTVE - Paloma Torrecillas & Juan Manuel Cuellar, RTVE Members Only
  • We've Got to Walk (Waarom wachten) - VRT - Julian Curtis, Lineup Industries Members Only
  • Fooled - NRK - Per Olav Alvestad, NRK Members Only
  • The Yurt Celebrity Green Challenge (La Yourte) - RTBF - François Jadoulle, RTBF Members Only
  • Sleep Tight (Sov Gott) SVT - Kristin Bleckberg & David Nilsson, SVT Members Only
  • The New Vermeer (De Nieuwe Vermeer ) - NPO /OMROEP MAX - Tanja van der Goes, All Right Media Members Only
  • Camper (Kamper) - TVP - Aleksandra Kaźmieruk, TVP Members Only
  • Worst Play Scenario - RTVE - Miguel Martín, Zeppelin Members Only
  • A Night in the Museum (Een nacht in het museum) - VRT - Thomas Vanderveken, VRT Members Only
  • Bubble Experiment (Dans la bulle de) - RTBF - François Jadoulle, RTBF Members Only
  • Pious Pastries (Fromme Törtchen) - SRF - Pilu Lydlow, SRF Members Only
  • Hurrah for Rai2! (Viva Rai2!) – Rai - Claudio Fasulo, Rai Members Only
  • Pitch: The Lost Games - SVT - Helena Bäckman & Mia Alvernik, SVT Members Only
  • Pitch: The Story of… - DR - Tanja van der Goes, All Right Media Members Only
  • Pitch: Factcheckers - VRT - Gino Conjaerts, VRT Members Only
  • Pitch: Pushing Limits - NRK - Marit Aspen, Nordisk Banijay Members Only
  • Pitch: The Detectives - SVT - Simon Romanus, Wonderworld VR Members Only
  • Pitch: Aria NPO/OMROEP MAX - Tanja van der Goes, All Right Media Members Only
  • Pitch: The Golden Egg - VRT - Siobhan Crawford, Glow Media & Geert Willems, Free Kings Members Only