Eurovision Documentary Development Scheme

As part of the Eurovision Documentary Development Scheme (“EDDS”), EBU broadcasters will develop, commission, and co-produce high-end documentary films and/or series for broadcast on a linear and non-linear basis in their respective territories.

The initial aim of the EDDS is to have 10 films/series supported with development financing over a two-year period, with a sustainable reimbursement model.

By bringing together the expertise and financial resources of Europe’s leading public-service broadcasters, the co-development process can be fast-tracked without compromising on the quality and innovation required in today’s very competitive landscape. The EDDS financing allows the EBU Documentary community to pursue projects that may not have been possible to produce otherwise.

The EBU Documentaries Experts are looking for:

  • Documentaries and series that are universal and relevant across Europe. 
  • Films and series that audiences, and in particular substantial young, diverse audiences will want to watch and engage with on TV and online.
  • Films and series that will have a real impact, with exceptional marketing potential and the ability to create real noise on social media and in the wider world.

The films or series might :

  • push the boundaries with daring and captivating new forms of storytelling.
  • be binge-worthy series, accessible crowd-pleasers. 
  • potential A-list festival contenders.

Producers interested in benefiting from development funding should secure the support of an EBU Member broadcaster who can propose the project at the group’s regular pitching sessions.