Making the most of the EBU Music Exchange for newcomers

Are you new to the EBU Music Exchange? Would you like a refresher on how it all works? In this session, the EBU Music Unit will provide a general overview of the activities, present the MUS platform, and discuss the most relevant operational issues. While everyone is welcome to attend this session, it is aimed principally at people who are new to the EBU Music Exchange, those who would like to review the very basics and those who regularly work with EBU material but never have had the chance to have an overview of what the EBU Music Unit does.


Pascale Labrie (EBU Head of Music) will present a general overview of the Music Exchange activities and the guiding principles of its current and future developments. She will give attendees a sense of the wider context in which the EBU’s and Members’ work takes place, making it easier to understand why each project plays an important part in developing the shared benefits.

In the second part, the EBU Music Unit will introduce themselves and explain their main projects: Gianluca Allaria, Alain Artero, Marie-Cécile Billoux, Richard Cole, Sibylle Förster, Dominic Hickey, Laurent Marceau, Mireia Pacareu and Virginie Robineau.



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