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Inspirational forces: cultural diversity and dialogue

Seldom has a subject been more topical: the EBU Music Unit is proposing a 60-minute session organized in conjunction with UNESCO’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on 21 May. Amidst a global pandemic, when everything has seemingly been turned on its head, radio has played an even wider role in protecting cultural diversity and giving new impetus to intercultural dialogue, while strengthening ties between artists and communities of different backgrounds. For this session, a panel of key players in the field will share what cultural diversity means to them and how they work every day to keep it on people's radar screen.


Suzy Klein (BBC)


Jordi Savall (Viol Player and Conductor, UNESCO Artist for Peace)
Tan Dun (Conductor and Composer, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador)
Fatma Said (Soprano)