The Sound of Opera for radio broadcast - Part 1

The Sound of Opera for radio broadcast - Part 1

Opera broadcasting is a long-established tradition. The Met launched the first season of matinee radio broadcasts with Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel on 25 December 1931, almost 90 years ago.  

Nowadays, multiple sound balancing techniques are used when recording and broadcasting operas, two very specialized fields. Who are the skillful sound engineers behind the recordings produced by EBU Members at some of the most prestigious opera houses in the world? How do they work? And what are they looking for?

This online event is part of the Music and Radio 60-minute sessions organized by the EBU Music Unit.


Huw Robinson, Operations Manager, Music, BBC Audio; Chair, EBU Contact Engineers


Christian Gorz, Radio Sound Engineer, ORF
Stefan Haberfeld, Sound Engineer, DKU
Marvin Ware, Senior Technical Producer, BBC Radio



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