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Growing tomorrow's classical music audience

As classical music’s listenership gets older, there is a crucial need to set the stage for the next generation of listeners. Could exposing potential future concertgoers and radio listeners to classical music from an early age be the key to reversing the inevitable decline of our audience? How can the music industry renew itself to become more appealing to younger audiences? Selected radio broadcasters will inspire their peers by presenting successful examples of radio programmes and concerts aimed at children and young people.

Discover RTÉjr’s weekend show Classical Kids; Parcours Jeunesse, the music education programme France Musique is leading in schools throughout this year; and the series of symphonic concerts for babies performed by the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, part of Radio Slovenia’s B-AIR project.

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EBU Young Audiences


Ellara Wakely (moderator)

Commissioning Executive, BBC Radio 3

Megan Churcher

Presenter, Classical Kids, RTÉjr

Nicky Coghlan

Radio Producer, RTÉjr

Christophe Dilys

Producer, France Musique/Radio France

Primož Trdan

Music Editor and Presenter, RTVS Slovenia