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Children and young adults are our present and our future


Children and young adults are our present and our future. By bringing together great stories and original characters that resonate with kids, we are fulfilling one of the central remits of public service media – providing distinctive, quality content for everyone.

Supporting our Members so they have a better understanding of and connection with this group is an EBU priority. Explore below for ideas on how we can help.

 EBU Kids Member Services Portfolio

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Madiana Asseraf-Jacob
Head of Media Strategy & Development
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Young Audiences Workspace

Kids Services

Community and Partnerships

The EBU Kids experts community benefits from highly specialized workshops and private meetings taking place alongside other relevant industry meetings which members of the community attend.  

You can subscribe to the EBU Young Audiences newsletter to stay in the loop of upcoming meetings and webinars. 

Last but not least, working together to face the international rollout of new services by Disney Channel, Amazon, Nickelodeon, Netflix, YouTube and other big tech platforms is a major focus of our support to the EBU Kids community. Find more about the EBU Kids x FAANGS meetings and actions by contacting Madiana Asseraf (

Customized support

We provide specific support and knowledge exchange for different profiles working with children's content: channel managers, content creators, pre-school experts. Have a look at the EBU Kids events list to see examples of topics included on the customized agendas.  

In 2020, we are producing EBU Kids thematic and regional workshops in order to facilitate the exchange of experiences and collaboration among the sub-groups of our Members that share common or similar interests, ways of working and priorities. The thematic workshops of 2020 will be around strategic insights (January 2020), educational and cultural programmes (March 2020), pre-school content (June 2020), audio for children (Autumn 2020) and PSM Kids’ Contribution to Society (Autumn 2020). Have a look at the EBU Kids events list to see examples of topics included on the customized agendas.

Kids Content

Content campaigns: in 2020, we are working on the first PSM European-wide children content campaign showcasing our values with events and content for children. Details of the project are available for EBU Members only. If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact Anne Kornmann.

Content exchanges: in 2020, the EBU's  Children's Drama Exchange, Children's Documentary Exchange and Pre-School Items Exchange are available to Members. New regional content exchanges and alliances are also being explored as part of our thematic and regional workshops. 

Other content collaboration options: members of the EBU Kids community can offer, sell or pitch children’s content to other EBU Members via our EBU Showcase platform.

Reaching Young Adults

Young millennials and Gen Z-ers consume media in a completely different way. Reaching and connecting with this group is one of the biggest challenges for public broadcasters.

We support our Members to connect with this group around three areas:

  1. Exchanging knowledge and trends: highlights on media consumption habits from this target group and commissioning studies via our MIS service​.
  2. Producing recommendations and support about how to adapt services and projects to be more relevant with this target group (service to be launched in 2020)
  3. Sharing projects and formats that work in other PSM, in all genres. If you have successful projects to share, please contact

Events and Presentations

Past events

02 JUNE 2020

Kids Group COVID-19 Roundtable

With the unprecedented challenge to public-service broadcasters posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, children's content is now at the heart of our Members' strategies to serve audience needs. For this seventh roundtable, topics will include an update on Members' strategy and product and, since schools are re-opening, a discussion on exit strategies. A special focus will be put on PSM Kids audience performance during the crisis & lessons learned.

28 MAY 2020

EBU Kids workshop - Cultural Programmes for Kids (previously RTVSLO workshop)

During this virtual workshop, focusing on cultural content for kids, participants will find out about inspiring cooperation models, successful case studies and have the opportunity to be involved in a collaborative discussion.

Upcoming events


EBU Kids Creative Workshop
(Digital Media Days 2019, Stockholm)