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Kids content: focus on news for kids

Join us for this special 90-minute session, organized in collaboration with the EBU News team, you will learn how your colleagues make sure that young audiences get fair and appropriate access to quality information. You will also get to know more about the kids news strategies from the following Members:

  • RTBF’s  ‘Global news project’ for young audiences in Belgium
  • France TV’s recently launched news programme targeted at 12 to 18-year-olds
  • NOS’ ‘Jeugdjournaal’ for dutch kids aged 8-12
  • DR’s Ultra Nyt programme and its ‘Klubb’ show targeted at boys aged 8-12









  • RTBF Les Niouzz - Mehdi Khelfat (RTBF) Members Only
  • France Télévisions - C quoi l'info? - Célia Mériguet Members Only
  • DR - Klubben - Jonas Madsen Members Only
  • NOS - Jeugdjournaal - Sonja Verbaarschott Members Only