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Concerts come alive!

Artists, festivals and venues have had to experiment and find new ways to connect with audiences during the pandemic, managing – rarely – to organize physical events or reverting most of the time to hybrid or online versions. In the meantime, public service broadcasters (PSB) have also had to innovate to cover these events and keep live music on air.  

This 60-minute session featuring EBU broadcasters and festival organizers’ representatives will look into those experiences and the lessons learned, while discussing the conditions for a return of live events in the (near) future.

This online event is part of the Music and Radio 60-minute sessions organized by the EBU Music Unit.


Rhys Hughes , BBC, Head of Live Music & Events, Popular Music


  • Jack May, Project Manager (BBC)
  • Tara Auty, Project Manager (BBC)
  • Dan Roberts, Live Music Producer (BBC)
  • Robbert-Jan van de Velde, Content Manager (NPO)
  • Robert Meijerink, Head of Program & Booker (ESNS)
  • Will Larnach-Jones, Director Iceland Airwaves (IA)
  • Ólafur Páll Gunnarsson, Radio Host and Producer (RUV)
  • Helen Sildna, Head of Tallinn Music Week (TMW)
  • Erik Morna, Head of Music (ERR Raadio 2)

Running Order

  2. ERR/TMW
  3. BBC/BigWeekend
  4. RUV/IA