Beyond live concerts, exploring new avenues

Although live concerts are and will remain the pillars of the EBU Music Exchange, should we not also explore new territories? This session will focus on exploring new territories beyond live music: podcasts, archives, milestones, anniversaries and more. Discussions on supporting materials, editorially driven initiatives, curated and joint events, among other topics, aimed at helping producers make the best of their broadcast.
Our participants include colleagues who will share inspiring experiences about projects they have done: Julijus Grickevičiu, LTLR; Markus Partanen, YLE; Axelle Thiry, RTBF (Musiq’3); Tim Moen, NPO; Anikken Sunde, NRK; and Gary Bales, BBC.



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Video Talks

Pascale Labrie, Head of Music, EBU

Laurent Marceau, Manager of Eurosonic, EBU

Mireia Pacareu, Project Manager, EBU

Julijus Grickevičius, LTLR  

Markus Partanen, YLE

Axelle Thiry, RTBF (Musiq’3) 

Anikken Sunde, NRK

Tim Moen, NPO 

Gary Bales, BBC



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