Ars Acustica's carte blanche on sound as communication

Ars Acustica's carte blanche on sound as communication

The Ars Acustica Group uses the universal language of sound for artistic communication throughout Europe and beyond. Situated in a space somewhere between music and radio drama, its members are dedicated to telling widely comprehensible stories through voices, concrete, electroacoustic and instrumental sounds.  

For the first ever Carte blanche in this series, our three passionate guides invite you on an unexpected journey into this fascinating and ambitious world. 

Learn more about the Group’s longstanding Art’s Birthday project.

This online event is part of the Music and Radio 60-minute sessions organized by the EBU Music Unit.


Marcus Gammel, Producer & Head of Radio Drama, DKU
Anne Gillot, Producer, RTS Switzerland; Chairwoman, Ars Acustica Group
Frank Halbig, Producer, SWR; Vice-Chair, Ars Acustica Group
José Iges, Founder-member of the Ars Acustica group



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