Euroradio Folk Festival

Euroradio Folk Festival
Rudolstadt-Festival (photo: Rudolstadt-Festival)

The next Euroradio Folk Festival (EFF) will take place during the Rudolstadt Festival in Germany (7-10 July 2022). The festival is kindly hosted by ARD-MDR (Germany), featuring bands and artists from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine !

Promoting the cultural diversity of Europe through music exchanges

Kanteles, fiddles, accordions, balalaikas, throat singing, yodelling: these and many more can be heard at the annual Euroradio Folk Festival (EFF), where bands and artists redefine the frontiers of folk music through their ethno, jazz, traditional and crossover projects.

More than a mere festival, this event is a platform presenting the incredible diversity of musical genres and sounds of all lifestyles in European folk music.

The Festival venues have encompassed the length and breadth of Europe, from Førde in Norway to Segovia in Spain, and from Cork to Tallinn.

The EFF is well known for its live concerts, but perhaps even more for its radio transmissions. All the concerts are recorded and provided at no cost by the host to other EBU radio organizations as part of the Euroradio concert exchanges. On average, each concert is broadcast by 20 radio stations in Europe and beyond, with transmissions as far afield as the Asia-Pacific region and North America. One important feature of the EFF is that many of those on stage and in the audience are young people, thereby challenging the myth that they are not interested in this type of music. Indeed, the folk, ethnic and world music scenes bring together scores of young people with a truly fresh, creative and innovative outlook, and a thoughtful, respectful and bold attitude to tradition, building their own message on it.


  • Celebrate the unique tradition of local and regional roots, while being open to the latest trends, migrations and encounters
  • Reflect the lives of Europeans and beyond in all their richness: who we are, where we come from, and where we are going
  • Provide an unprecedented opportunity for vocal and instrumental musicians, who represent the multitude of traditions in Europe, but also other continents, to connect with one another
  • Enable artists to become known far beyond their national borders

2022 line-up

  1. Austria (ORF) – Tubonika
  2. Czech Republic (CR) – Invisible World
  3. Estonia (ERR) – Rüüt
  4. Finland (YLE) – Pauanne
  5. Germany (BR) – gruberich
  6. Germany (MDR) – Der Flug der Liebe
  7. Italy (RAI) – Officine Meridionali Orchestra
  8. Latvia (LR) – Zarbugans
  9. Norway (NRK) – Kajsa Balto Band
  10. Poland (PR) – Wernyhora
  11. Portugal (RTP) – Cardo-Roxo
  12. Scotland (BBC) – Fara
  13. Sweden (SR) – Duo West-Rydvall
  14. Switzerland (RTR) – Hanneli-Musig
  15. Ukraine (UA:PBC) – Kurbasy

More details about the bands can be found here. The MUS offer will be available in August 2022.



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