Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Group

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Group supports EBU Members in their continued development of DEI strategies and best practices.

The steering group does this by overseeing and prioritizing work towards the EBU’s DEI initiative. The Steering Group guides the EBU’s work, enabling its members to continue growing core public service media values of diversity and universality. Group members strive for more inclusive content and workforces that reflect the diverse and changing communities they serve by stimulating and progressing DEI objectives at their organizations.

The EBU Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiative works across five categories of traditionally underrepresented groups:

  • Gender Equality between men and women
  • Race and Ethnic diversity
  • People living with Disabilities
  • Generational diversity (Age)
  • Gender diversity (LGBTQI+)

It also addresses the complexities of intersectional issues across these listed and other groups.

The Steering Group listens closely to the works of all other communities focusing on Diversity Equity and Inclusion across the EBU family including, but not limited to:

The DEI Steering Group meets quarterly.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Steering Group Meeting
08 Apr 2022


Stefan Eiriksson,  DG RUV Iceland


Markus Sterky, SVT
Heidi Sivebaek DKDR
Frans Jennekens  NLNTR
Philippa De Roten, CHRTS
Dr. Yioula Kyriacou, CYBC
Teresa Munoz Guerra, ESRTVE
Trevor O’Clochartaigh, IETG4
Ramilia Aliyeva, GEPB
Paula Fahy, IERTE Sport
Yuri Marakov, UAPBC

EBU Sponsors

Vanessa O’Connor, Member Relations
Melanie Brown-Cocchetti, Human Resources
Jean Philip De Tender, Deputy DG & Media



Contact detail

Francesca Scott
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

+41 22 717 28 53