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Priya Ragu, selected by RTS Couleur 3 for the Eurosonic Festival (ESNS) 2022
Priya Ragu, selected by RTS Couleur 3 for the Eurosonic Festival (ESNS) 2022

Euroradio Eurosonic Festival has become a favourite amongst artists, public broadcasters, music professionals and music lovers to discover and showcase exciting new up-and-coming acts. Past festivals have included appearances by such artists as Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix, First Aid Kit, Selah Sue, Arlo Parks, and many others.

Initially launched in 1986 as a one-day event to promote Dutch and Belgian bands, EBU radio stations joined the party in 1999. With the help of our partners ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) and Europe's public service broadcasters, the Eurosonic Festival has grown into a 3-day extravaganza.

The 2024 edition took place on 17-20 January, with 31 Acts supported by 28 public service broadcasters, marking the 25th anniversary of EBU Music's partnership with ESNS. All EBU Acts are available in MUS under RM/2024/01/02/01-31, as well as some of the non-EBU Acts (RM/2024/02/04/01-14).

2024 Participating broadcasters

ORF FM4 (Austria); VRT Studio Brussel (Belgium); RTBF Tipik/Jam (Belgium); BNR (Bulgaria); Czech Radio Wave (Czechia); Danish Radio P6 Beat (Denmark); ERR Radio 2 (Estonia); YleX (Finland); Radio France (France); ARD (Germany); ERT Kosmos (Greece); RÚV Ras 2 (Iceland); RTÉ 2FM (Ireland); Rai Radio 2 (Italy); Latvijas Radio 5 (Latvia); LRT Opus (Lithuania); MSP 100.7 (Luxembourg); NPO 3 FM (Netherlands); NRK P3 (Norway); RTP Antena 3 (Portugal); RTS Radio Belgrade 1 (Serbia); RTVS Radio_FM (Slovakia); Radio Slovenija Val 202 (Slovenia); Swedish Radio P3 (Sweden); SRF 3 (Switzerland); RTS Couleur 3 (Switzerland); RSI Rete Tre (Switzerland); BBC Music Radio 1 (UK); BBC Music (UK).

Acts featured during the festival

  1. Oskar Haag – Selected by ORF FM4 (Austria)
  2. MELTHEADS – Selected by VRT Studio Brussel (Belgium)
  3. Amber Broos – Selected by VRT Studio Brussel (Belgium)
  4. ML – Selected by RTBF Tipik/Jam (Belgium)
  5. TRIGAIDA – Selected by BNR (Bulgaria)
  6. Island Mint – Selected by Czech Radio Wave (Czechia)
  7. DANIEL LEVI – Selected by ERR Radio 2 (Estonia)
  8. Joalin – Selected by YleX (Finland)
  9. Zaho De Sagazan – Selected by Radio France (France)
  10. Kamrad – Selected by ARD (Germany)
  11. Betterov – Selected by ARD (Germany)
  12. LÓN – Selected by RÚV Ras 2 (Iceland)
  13. Sweetlemondae / CMAT – Selected by RTÉ 2 FM (Ireland)
  14. Colombre – Selected by Rai Radio 2
  15. Might Delete Later – Selected by LATVIJAS RADIO 5 (Latvia)
  16. Rūta Mur – Selected by LRT Opus (Lithuania)
  17. C’est Karma – Selected by MSP 100.7 (Luxembourg)
  18. Joost – Selected by NPO 3 FM (Netherlands)
  19. Nelly Moar – Selected by NRK P3 (Norway)
  20. Bateu Matou – Selected by RTP Antena 3 (Portugal)
  21. Meowlau x Val – Selected by RTVS Radio_FM (Slovakia)
  22. Joker Out – Selected by Radio Slovenija Val 202 (Slovenia)
  23. Stuzzi – Selected by Swedish Radio P3
  24. Caroline Alves – Selected by SRF 3 (Switzerland)
  25. Psycho Weazel – Selected by RTS Couleur 3 (Switzerland)
  26. Monte Mai – Selected by RSI Rete Tre (Switzerland)
  27. Elmiene – Selected by BBC Music Radio 1 (UK)
  28. Lynks – Selected by BBC Music (UK)
  29. Iva Lorens – Selected by RTS Radio Belgrade 1 (Serbia)
  30. AySay – Selected by Danish Radio P6 Beat (Denmark)
  31. Negros Tou Moria – Selected by ERT Kosmos (Greece)



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