What is public service media?


Public service media (PSM) is broadcasting made, financed and controlled by the public, for the public. Their output is designed to inform, educate and entertain all audiences.

PSM broadcasters are often established by law but are non-partisan, independent and run for the benefit of society as a whole.

Well-funded and strong public service media are the cornerstones of democratic societies and have been shown to correlate with higher degrees of press freedom, lower levels of right-wing extremism and better control of corruption.

With the proliferation of fake news and hate speech in the world today, an independent, trusted source of news and information has never been more important.

Members' Declaration

As public service media, EBU Members share the same core values of:

  • Universality
  • Independence
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Accountability and
  • Innovation.

Our Members have pledged to uphold these standards with the aim of empowering societies and democracies across the globe. You can find a more detailed explanation in the signed declaration "Empowering Society: A declaration on the core values of public service media".

The EBU helps its Members embody these public values through its services and initiatives and through the work it does with its partners in influencing media policy. We also work closely together with our Members when these core values are threatened.

 Discover who our Members are



"Keep Media Good" is a marketing campaign designed to showcase the value public service media (PSM) brings to society. It explores PSM’s impact by using a selection of real-life stories from across Europe and shows how PSM can be a force for good in all our lives. Organised by the EBU, it is the first time broadcasters have collaborated on a pan-European PSM campaign.

For more information, visit the campaign website: keepmediagood.com.

Value in numbers

PSM benefit society in many different ways from the positive impact they have on culture, education and democracy to their impact on the technological and the economic life of nations. Download and share the slides below to show just some of the ways PSM deliver value. Or learn more about our PSM Contribution to Society Project for more tools and guidelines about communicating your media organization's contributions.