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New research shows PSM performance and funding are linked to societal well-being

11 April 2016
New research shows PSM performance and funding are linked to societal well-being

THE EBU has always promoted the idea that public service media (PSM) is an essential component of building vibrant, open and democratic societies. But could we actually demonstrate that with statistics?

New research from the EBU`s Media Intelligence Service (MIS) shows that strong public service media organizations do indeed contribute to building healthy societies, being linked to democratic governance, social cohesion and citizens` trust in the media.

Key findings of the research include:

  • where PSM funding per capita is higher, there tends to be more press freedom
  • where PSM is valued more by citizens, communities tend to be more cohesive
  • societies that cherish their PSM more tend to hold good governance and democracy in high esteem
  • where PSM radio market share is high, trust in radio is strong

The MIS drew on a number of internationally established and widely used social, political and development indicators, and statistically analyzed correlations between countries’ ranks on these indices and the status of their PSM organizations.

In 2015 the EBU launched its PSM Contribution to Society project to help build the case for public service media and enable its Members to better communicate the value they deliver to citizens. The PSM Correlations study aligns with this project and can assist EBU Members in finding new ways to demonstrate PSM’s importance to society.

EBU Members can download the full report from the Media Intelligence Portal

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