Content Regulation Group

The Content Regulation Expert Group covers legal and policy areas including the AudioVisual Media Services Directive and related media law issues; regulation of online platforms and intermediaries; and legal issues related to content, freedom of expression, media and journalistic freedom and pluralism. The Group focuses on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act. (General overview of the EBU's Legal and Policy services)

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Members can also find the English translation of the National Prominence rules here.


Download the "Digital Services Act: EBU Legal analysis"

Digital Services Act proposal: EBU Strategy for the inter-institutional negotiations

Digital Services Act: EBU Priorities for the Trilogues

Relevant provision for PSM in the Council's General Approach and European Parliament' report: EBU comments

Digital Services Act: Joint Statement of European media associations on DSA trilogue

Relevant provisions for the media in the Council's General Approach and European Partliament's report: European media associations' comments

Final Report of the European Parliament on the DSA proposal: EBU Legal analysis

Council's General Approach DSA Proposal: EBU Legal analysis


Group Members


Dr Renate Dörr (ZDF)

Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference for this experts group (in English only)


Contact detail

Wouter Gekiere
Head of Brussels Office
+32 2 286 91 12
Jenny Weinand
Senior Legal Counsel
+41 22 717 2420
Thomas Bergmann
Senior EU Policy Adviser
+32 2 286 91 03