Intellectual Property Group

The Intellectual Property Group examines legal, policy, regulatory and strategic issues related to national, European and international copyright law and practices, as well as other issues of intellectual property law relevant to broadcasters. It makes proposals to the Committee and/or Assembly with regard to EBU positions and initiatives. It is open to legal and public affairs experts from active EBU Members.

Read the EBU's position papers on Copyright and Licensing and an overview of the EBU's Legal and Policy services

Group Members


Helene Lindström (SVT, Sweden)



Adrien Arsenec (FTV, France)


Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference for this experts group (in English only)

Contact detail

Anne-Sarah Skrebers
Head of Intellectual Property
+41 22 717 2081
Vincent Sneed
Senior EU Policy Adviser
+32 2 286 91 43