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The Platform (Business) Regulation Group focuses on laws and policies around online platforms that have an impact on public service media (PSM). These include competition enforcement in digital markets, rules governing platform-to-business relations, and issues relating to data driving the provision of PSM content. The Group focuses on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.


Outline of the final provision (30 August 2022)

EBU priorities for Trilogue negociations (25 Jan. 2022)

EBU analysis the outcome of the Trialogue against EBU asks (3 May 2022)

Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Coucil of European Union on contestable and fair markets in the digital sector and its annex (3 May 2022)


Download the "Digital Services Act: EBU Legal analysis"

Download the EBU's Position paper on the Proposed Digital Services Act (including annexes).

Download here the Call for Action - Lobbying the Council.

Read the EBU's position papers on CompetitionAVMSD, and Online Platforms as well as an overview of the EBU's Legal and Policy services

Members can also find the English translation of the National Prominence rules here.

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Nathalie Léger (FTV)

Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference for this experts group (in English only)

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