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Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is composed exclusively from members of the Executive Board.

The term of office for Members of the Personnel Committee is coterminous with their mandate as an elected member of the Executive Board unless otherwise agreed upon by the Executive Board.

The tasks of the Personnel Committee include:

  • formulating an opinion on the
    • the President's proposal for the appointment and, where appropriate, the dismissal of the Director General, and
    • the EBU Director General's proposal for the appointment and, where appropriate, dismissal of the Directors;
  • sharing comments and views on basic principles of EBU staffing policy as well as taking note of developments and initiatives relating to EBU Human Resources
  • any other task specifically requested from it by the Executive Board

Group members

Cilla Benkö Lamborn


Director General, Sveriges Radio (Sweden)

Marinella Soldi

Chairwoman, RAI (Italy)

Katja Wildermuth

Director General, BR (Germany)

Community events

Group meetings

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