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Member Benefits

As a member of the EBU you can benefit from a comprehensive range of services and extend your network in a trusted environment with a unique international community of public service media professionals.


As a member of the EBU, you can access world-class video and audio content, covering exclusive sports rights, unique exchanges of trusted news and outstanding music, and the Eurovision family of live events. We can help you better understand and connect with young audiences, support your innovation, collaborate on co-productions and acquisitions, ensure your news teams can access key events, and share inspiration and best practice on content that fosters diversity and inclusion.


The EBU has championed the value of PSM for over 70 years. We use our voice to campaign for the most favourable environment for EBU Members to thrive, to make the case for independence and sustainable funding, and to advocate for the best competitive, regulatory and technology frameworks, both internationally and nationally. Members can rely on teams of experts in Geneva and Brussels to represent your interests and provide analysis and recommendations on EU policy, tech giants, standards, spectrum and other major European and global issues. Tailored legal advice, research and best practice can also be offered on issues that include PSM governance, rights agreements and media laws.


As an EBU Member you have access to a unique portfolio of learning and development opportunities and can join communities of experts that share experience and information in a trusted environment. We collaborate with Members to offer over 500 events a year and also provide distinctive intelligence, tailored research and interactive databases of media insights and international media coverage. Through solidarity initiatives, including the Partnership Programme, we facilitate access to training and events for Members in need.


In a rapidly evolving media environment we help Members navigate strategic and organizational change and take the decisions that ensure your continued effectiveness and sustainability across a broad spectrum of challenges including the future of work, content production/distribution, cybesecurity and advanced technologies. To build strategic knowledge and inspire innovative thinking our research experts also provide distinctive analysis of key trends as well as on-demand intelligence.


By working together, EBU Members have cost-effective access to news, sport, music and prime-time content, while collective negotiations ensure competitive rates for rights agreements with key sports federations. As a single representative voice, we also streamline your efforts with international organisations such as UN agencies, as well as with the European Union, the Council of Europe and multiple NGOs. Our teams of media professionals offer distinctive research, data reports and customized advice as part of your membership, while our solidarity Partnership Programme and Media Innovation Fund enable Members to benefit from financial support. And as part of the Membership fee review approved in 2020, we are committed to ensuring a compelling and transparent membership proposition for all Members and to a mid-term assessment of the new model during the current cycle of five two-year periods.