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The Future of Work Group has been established to examine the transformation of work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our emphasis is on sharing the policies, processes, and practices EBU Members are putting in place today that will shape their organizations in the future.

As the COVID-19 crisis is still ongoing there is a heavy emphasis on immediate questions around managing remote and hybrid working, protecting the workforce, and the role of offices and infrastructure.

The broader aim is to inform decision-making on a medium and long-term horizon, imagining the kind of transformative policies, tools and ideas that will define the future of work which, due to COVID-19, has already begun.

This group has been set up as a direct response to requests from Members to connect and share experiences on these critical issues.

Three main areas are discussed by the group:

  • Management: What decisions are we making about the hybrid mode, and how do we manage our people within it?
  • Tools: What are the tools needed to enable, protect, and empower hybrid working, from software and platforms, to skills and policies?
  • Space: How must we reimagine our physical environments – at home and in-house - to have safe, productive, cost-effective, and enjoyable workplaces? 

The Future of Work Group meets on a monthly basis and is managed collaboratively by the Digital Transformation Initiative and the Strategy unit.


Marc Barrette, Director - Future of Work (CBC)

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