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The Future of Work Group was established in response to the evolving nature of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Formed at the request of our Members, we aim to provide a platform for connection and exchange of experiences on vital topics that are shaping the future of work. Our initial focus was on sharing policies, procedures, and practices of EBU Members regarding remote and hybrid work management, workforce protection, and the role of physical offices.

Today, our group is dedicated to providing insights for decision-making on a medium to long-term scale, envisioning transformative policies, tools, and ideas that will shape the jobs of the future.

Focus areas

Future Skills - We explore the skills that will be in demand in the future, helping our members prepare their workforce for the evolving job market.

Technology's Impact on Work - We inspect how technology is changing the nature of work, from automating tasks to creating new job roles.

Hybrid Work - We share best practices on managing remote and hybrid work environments, understanding their implications on workforce protection and the role of physical offices.

Jobs of the Future - We envision what jobs will look like in the future, considering factors like technological advancements, hybrid work trends, and the skills that will be in demand.

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Networking meetups - Connect with like-minded professionals, through our networking events and meetups. Forge meaningful relationships and expand your professional network.

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The Future of Work Group meets every two months and is managed collaboratively by the EBU Transformation Services.


Marc Barrette, Director - Future of Work (CBC/Radio-Canada)

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