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EBU Digital and Television Committee elections take place at Media Summit 2024

25 April 2024
EBU Digital and Television Committee elections take place at Media Summit 2024
Puja Kalaria/Natalija Gorscak

Puja Kalaria, Senior Distribution Manager at the BBC, has been elected to the EBU Digital Committee, and Natalija Gorscak, Head of Culture, RTV Slovenija, has been elected to the EBU Television Committee

They were both elected to the roles by an absolute majority during the EBU’s Media Summit held in Geneva this week. Effective immediately, the newly elected members will work to contribute to the strategic direction and operational oversight of their respective committees.

The EBU Digital Committee, established in 2015, plays a pivotal role in navigating the digital landscape within EBU member organizations. It spearheads initiatives aimed at advancing digital media strategies, fostering innovation, and addressing the evolving needs of Public Service Media in the digital era.

Among its core functions, the committee is tasked with formulating strategic objectives for the EBU Digital Unit, identifying key challenges impacting digital content production and distribution, and advocating for members' interests in digital content strategy discussions. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in promoting collaboration among members in digital content creation and dissemination.

The EBU Television Committee assumes responsibility for overseeing the operations of the EBU's television services and charting the strategic course for television broadcasting.

With a mandate to establish standards, approve strategies, and monitor progress, the TV Committee plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of television broadcasting within the EBU framework. Regular meetings, both physical and electronic, ensure ongoing collaboration and alignment with the broader objectives of the EBU.

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Lyndsey Clark

Communications Officer